kabana | insights studio



putting consumers at the center of your decision-making process 


we want to help brands and companies make better business decisions by leveraging strong market and consumer insights. 


We use a wide array of marketing research techniques to collect strong market and consumer insights that feed the strategic planning process and help your organization to focus its efforts on what really matters to the consumer. 


We build custom methodologies for our clients, mixing market analysis, quantitative research (surveys) and qualitative research (focus groups, interviews, ethnography, etc.) because your business, and everyone else’s is unique. 




how we can help


we can help you better understand your market, your consumers and your customers.


Some questions we help to


What is the size of the marketplace for a product or a service? 

Which markets have the highest potential for market expansion?

What are the key consumer segments and consumers' triggers and motivations?

Tools we use:​

Secondary data analysis

 Geo-marketing analysis


 PESTLE analysis



Some questions we help to answer:

 What is the market potential for a new product or service? 

 How is a product or service performing in the marketplace (awareness, perception, purchase intent, etc.)

 How efficient is the marketing creative (video/TV, static/print, etc.)?

Tools we use:

 Quantitative research (surveys)

 Qualitative research (focus groups, individual interviews)